Vit "Vitya" Novacek


A meager web presence of one academic ape [a possibly relevant disclaimer - if you have an impression that this place is not very much up to date, you may not be entirely wrong; the last touch up happened in August 2023, which results in a rather horrendous once-in-three years update frequency at the moment, ahem]

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Hey, I’m Vít. In the context of this web space, I’m primarily an Associate Professor of Computer Science at the Faculty of Informatics of Masaryk University. Check the Bio section for my other affiliations and stuff. Nováček is the second name, by the way. You may also call me dubious doctor of philosophy, not quite full professor, an incessantly puzzled scholar or whatever other fancy title suits you. But I sure won’t mind Vít, Vítek or Víťa if that’s what you would prefer (perhaps slightly foolishly, I believe mutual respect is not necessarily correlated with formal figures of speech).

As to my personal background, I spent some of my most formative years roaming the wild west of the Emerald Isle, where at least half of my soul and heart still reside. Yet I also have undeniable roots in the Czech Republic, where I have been based again since 2020. Both English and Czech are thus perfectly fine when aiming to elicit some response from me. You may try Gaelige as well, but—eternally ashamed as I am of my ignorance in this respect—you’d do better addressing, say, an Irish Wolfhound in that language if a semblance of meaningful conversation is what you seek.

Besides making sense of my unreasonably eclectic research interests, I strive to become a decent teacher one day. And in whatever spare time remains then, I try my best to keep stoking my other passions (which most certainly do not include web desgin, as you may have noticed from the appearance of this space).